The Power Of Curcumin

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The orange/yellow ancient herb turmeric comes from the root of the turmeric plant.  It has been used by many cultures in ancient times.  The Chinese have been known to use it as medicine to help fight pain for many centuries.  In addition, many nations have used this herb as a spice within their cooking to add flavoring.  It is extremely powerful and has shown to help with many health issues over time. The root of turmeric plant is crushed to yield curcumin extract. It is important to know that curcumin extract is much more effective than turmeric because it’s a highly concentrated form and more importantly because turmeric is not readily absorbed in the digestive track as is Curcumin. There are studies going on today to confirm the benefits of curcumin.  As of now, it is known that people use it to help with inflammation, pain, digestive, cardiovascular and antibacterial health issues.  Remember when taking this supplement, it is not a medication and will take time before it gets into your system to help with your symptoms. When purchasing the product make sure:
  • To avoid products that use binders, fillers, additives, flavors and artificial ingredients
  • The product must be made in accordance with good manufacturing practices (GMP)
  • Purchase a vegetarian capsule as opposed to gelatin-based
  • To look for freshness to ensure maximum nutritional content

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